History of Eldrune

Long ago the Illumae walked Eldrune among the mortal races. They ruled the kingdoms of Eldrune and many were worshiped as gods. Great kingdoms rose under their banners and soon all the world was controlled by their might. Some were benevolent some ruled with an Iron fist.

A few became jealous of one another and the power they wielded. These sought more power and as immortals they believed they had nothing to fear so they waged war vying for control over each other’s kingdoms. The great wars raged for centuries tearing the world apart; millions died, once great cities crumbled beneath the great magic’s wielded by the Illumae.

Finally when when the Illumae were at the very brink, ready to tear the very fabric of Eldrune apart a few stood in the way. Seven of of the Illumae banded together to stop the madness. Together they created a powerful magic now known simply as “the Veil”. The Veil trapped the Illumae in a mirror world. Where they can see the mortal realm but not affect it. The names of the seven are now lost to history they are known only as “the Septomon”.

The mortal races hung by a thread; so many of those who were left were warriors who knew nothing of peace without leaders they became bandits and warlords. Those who chose a life of peace were forced to eek by farming war-torn fields for a meager living. Success was putdown brutally by the warlords. Many of the more benevolent Illumae pleaded with the Septomon to allow them to help their people.

The Septomon refused claiming that such action would only bring further destruction as the old feuds were resumed. The Septomon believed the mortals would find their own way in time. So it stood for two centuries the mortal races dwindled wild-lands overtook farmland cities were consumed by the wilderness. But there were glimmers of hope. A few small kingdoms began to form founded by humans who were quicker to forget their old ways and more able to adapt.

Just as the glimmer of hope seemed to be forming the unthinkable happened: The great blight was released upon the world. The high magic had always been controlled by the Illumae. Since their disappearance many mages began to experiment and study the more advanced magic. Tavin Dalsori an elf that had been studying the outer planes and inadvertently during a summoning ritual opened a rift into one of the lower abyssal planes. Beings of pure evil poured out with their corrupt magic. With no power of consiquence to stand against it The evil took this fragile world as a storm. These evil forces, collectively know as “the blight”, swept across the land taking many forms always destroying and croupting everything in its path. Many valiant heros fought and died to slow the blight but the struggling civilizations were no mach for such an enemy. Some mortals began to plead to ancient masters to save them from this blight.

Reluctantly at the pleading of Illumae and mortal alike the Septomon acquiesced. Not wanting to repeat the worldwide wars, they altered the veil so that the Illumae could lend their magic to the mortals but the magic would remain under mortal control. No Illumae could act directly in the mortal realm. With the aid of the Illume the advance of the blight was halted. It seemed though that the lower abyssal plane was box that once opened could not be closed. The blight is stamped out in one place only to appear in another.

The Illumae continue lend their magic to mortals in exchange for fealty. Most Illumae are dedicated to ending the blight but some seem to have some sort of incomprehensible design to what they ask of their followers seeing the blight as a tool and tempting their followers with even more power. How mortal actions affect the mirror worlds is unknown but they must somehow because the Illumae still scheme and plot. Some believe that their aim is to use the blight to destory the veil so they can return to the mortal realm.

History of Eldrune

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