Princess Istianna Enthon


As the king’s second daughter Istianna was expected to spend her life as a mid level Nobel at court but when the opportunity came for an alliance with the twelve tribes of the north. Her father was eager to wed her to forge the alliance. She was quickly blessed with a son. Surprisingly her older sister Vraselle has been unable to conceive a son making Her son the Heir apparent to the throne of Rhune.

Over the ten days that you have known here she has been single-mindedly focused on the health of her son. She has hardly left his side taking leave only when forced by his doctor and her servants to eat. She has spoken little except to urge haste to White Pass.

During the day of travel from the main road she has become withdrawn and quiet refusing to sleep or eat always sitting in the wagon by her son’s side.

Princess Istianna Enthon

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